About Us

Hello and welcome, I’m Brad Frost – Principal of Frost and Associates.

We specialize in all aspects relating to Family Law. Being a family focused legal practice, we understand the complexities, challenges and discretion required when it comes to handling such personal and sensitive matters.

When couples separate, it can be a scary and emotional time for all parties involved. If efforts to try and resolve these family matters are unsuccessful – It is vital that you take the next step in seeking legal advice from an experienced professional to guide you through the process.

This is where Frost and Associates excels. In addition to providing our clients with professional legal advice. We take great pride and satisfaction in being locally based and “client focused”.

You can trust Frost and Associates to do what is right, even when that may be hard or inconvenient. You can depend on us to tell you honestly what it will mean if you choose to go down a legal pathway.

You can be confident that you will have a strong understanding of your rights and obligations pertaining to your unique family matter. You’ll be provided with a clear plan that outlines each step of your progress in seeing your matter through to conclusion.

You can expect us to listen to your fears, concerns, frustrations and doubts and know that we will provide that calming and reassuring guidance to help you cope through those trials.

You can rest easy at night, knowing that we will utilise our expertise in negotiation and arbitration to achieve cost effective and meaningful solutions – for you!

We leverage our years of experience in the commercial sector and bring that to the private practice of Family Law to help our clients achieve positive outcomes.

Ultimately, when you choose Frost and Associates, you’re choosing a firm you can depend on and trust to look after you!

Feel free to browse our site or contact us to discuss your needs. We’re here to help you – Thanks for stopping by.